My name is Leo – I want to be your Concierge Roofer!

Leo - Concierge Roofing BostonI’ve been an independent roofer since 2004 (after completing my BS in Computer Science). If you need a new roof, or roof repair, I will be your man. I offer concierge roof service in Eastern Massachusetts & Rhode Island.

For the last 10 years I’ve installed most roofing materials available on the market – now my specialty is Metal Roofing for sloped roofs and IB PVC membrane on flat roofs, as I find these materials are the best you can get for your home. But, enough about me…

What is our Concierge Roofing Service?

We install roofs like no one else. We pay special attention to YOUR needs and wants, and to those of your roof. Where a typical roofer will spend 15 minutes of his time, I will spend 2 hours.

Concierge is the essence of what we do, and here is my promise to you:

2) I will be on the job from day 1 to completion, doing the work!

3) I will personally perform every complicated task to ensure that your roof never leaks!

4) I will spend at least 2x as much time on every complex task, compared to other roofers!

5) I will not cut corners. Every little thing that needs to be fixed, will be fixed to the best of my ability!

6) I will respect your time and will be prompt in all our dealings!

7) I will keep your yard clean, and will protect your plants and flowers!

Why Concierge Roofing Service?

In short – because 99% of roofers do POOR quality work, and I want to be different!

There is a reason why roofers have a bad reputation. The phrase “Premium” and/or “Quality” roofing is not worth anything anymore. 9 out of 10 roofing companies put “premium” and “Quality” on their trucks, posters and websites. However, most roof installers will never do really good work for you, for a wide range of reasons, including the fact they are not paid well enough.

I have a personal disagreement with this approach to business and clients, and that is why I offer you a concierge roofing service, where  QUALITY ALWAYS COMES FIRST and will never be compromised. I enjoy and take pride in my work, which means that I will personally ensure that your roof will never leak.

One thought on “My name is Leo – I want to be your Concierge Roofer!

  1. It is unfortunate how right you are. Crappy work is the norm in this industry. I found that I could not install shingles, other, top notch, well marketed companies were too cheap. So I was a detective and found out how. They buy 3 family houses in poor cities, fill them with illegal immigrants, and bam, they own their cheap labor. I guess it is a great business model if you have caller ID and could care less about your clients.

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