On the roof with a happy client - IB PVC Flat Roof

On the roof with a happy client

About Me

Many people ask me how I became a roofer. The short answer – I was a poor college student, working in delivery. My friend (who later became my partner) asked me to help him on a roof, and paid me $200 for one day of work. In 2003 it was a lot of money (for me). Few month later, after I finished college, we started a new roofing company together.

I’ve been a roof installer / business owner since 2004. From the start, I took an active interest in roofing: different materials, installation methods and issues, ventilation and insulation, etc. Since 2007, I regularly visit the NERCA (North East Roofing Contractors Association) roofing expos, as well as other industry events, always staying on top of current trends and new materials. I  regularly write editorials on different roofing topics, which are aimed at educating consumers about roofing, and bringing transparency to roofing contractors’ practices. (examples below).

When I started out, I was introduced to some of the best materials in the roofing industry, and after installing most types that are available on the market, I’ve picked some of my favorites, which I recommend to my clients.

I now specialize in Metal Roofing – Standing Seam, Shingles, and Tiles, that are made out of Aluminum, Copper, Steel, and Zinc, and in IB PVC Flat Roofing. All of these are Lifetime roofing products of uncompromised quality.

I will install some other materials of your choice, unless these materials are below my standard of quality. Some of the materials that I will NOT install, include Asphalt Shingles and EPDM rubber roofs.

Our Concierge Roofing Service

 What makes us different, is that unlike the majority of roofers, we will:

  • Make you and your roof our priority. From start to finish – we only do 1 roof at a time.
  • Spend the time needed to make your roof right.
  • Keep your yard and shrubs in impeccable condition.
  • Fix everything that needs to be fixed on your roof.
  • Communicate with you about our progress and any issues.

We guarantee you the real concierge service!

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